The below email is a simple template you can modify to your specific needs.

NOTE: There are four areas in < > that you’ll want to customize. ALSO, if we have a sale going on you may want to mention that in the email.

SUBJECT LINE: <Insert Your Boss’ Name Here>, I’d like to join the Social Media Marketing Society

Hi <Insert Your Boss’ Name Here>,

As you know, keeping up on the latest social media tactics is essential for our team’s success. <you may want to customize this first sentence based on your unique needs>

The folks over at Social Media Examiner are offering ongoing, monthly social media marketing training in their Social Media Marketing Society.

I believe that joining their Society will help me discover valuable new ways to market our business.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included:

* Three live online workshops every month (taught by experts)
* Regular office hours where I can get my questions answered live
* A private Facebook group, staffed by Social Media Examiner’s team, where I can track breaking news and network

Here’s the cost break down: Membership is $70 per month and they offer discounts with their annual plan.

With your permission I’d like to secure a membership.

Thanks for considering it.

<Insert Your Name Here>

P.S. There’s a quick overview here: